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Break - The Social Blackout description

Break is your ephemeral & anonymous nightlife portfolio.

It's a social media that shares your night out and stores all of the photos until sunrise.

[+] No sign up: You can use Break without giving any personal details, therefore you are completely anonymous
[+] Publishing only from dusk till dawn: You can share only between sunset and sunrise
[+] Social blackout: At sunrise, all your content disappear permanently
[+] Consult at any time: Users can consult what’s happen to nightlife all over the world
[+] “Phat” mention: “Pretty Hot And Tempting”. As a “Like”, but harder, better, faster, stronger

Break liberates people from the worries with existing social platforms and encourages users to be bold and daring.
It is all about the nightlife scene and encouraging users to share their experience without worrying about the aftermath. Going wild and sharing the excitement without the repercussions.

Welcome to the Social Blackout.


“someone has suggested an app that only stores photos for that night. If only I'd had that at uni.”
- Clementine Fletcher, BloomBerg News

"Most of the ideas sounded the same. [...] The odd one did sound promising, however. ‘Break’ (ex FromDuskTillDawn), a social network only available to view during party time could gain traction."
- Marketing Magazine (NewsXS)

“Dear Break! Where have you been all our lives? so many events attract an edgy, adventurous crowd who love to share their experiences but crave privacy. we can’t tell how many times partiers asked the same question: “what if we don’t want our photos published but we still want to see them”? finally, an app that suits our events, our clientele and answers our needs!“
- Social Explosure


Follow us on Twitter : @break_am
Like us on Facebook : facebook.com/break.am


- In order to use Break, you must have attained the age of majority in your jurisdiction.
- Break needs your your time zone to take pictures.
- Break supports iPhone 4 and higher with iOS7 and higher only.

While your posts are deleted from our servers / data base when the sun rises, recipient(s) may capture and save some contents by taking a screenshot or using a image/voice capture device. This cannot be prevented and Break assumes no liability for any loss or damage that results from it.

Have questions, problems, or feedback? Reach out to us at support@break.am

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