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The vision and goal behind the Health Nut application (from Roaming Hill) was to create an health and fitness application that is easy to use everyday and that demonstrated effective and track-able results. It is all a part of our E3 system. E3 stands for Easy, Effective and Everyday.

In seconds per day you can change the way you look and feel. What sets Health Nut apart from other health and fitness tools is its simplicity. It is designed to be easy to use, an effective way to keep track of your day, and something you can use everyday. The key to reaching your weight and health goals is having a tool that you can stick to. One that conforms to your day - not takes away from it. Other health tools make you keep a detailed diary of every crumb you consume. We just don't have time for that. Health Nut is an easy, effective, everyday tool that will compliment your busy life and help you on your path to a better you.

Each day, simply select for each meal whether it was a small, medium, large or extra large meal. Set how many small, medium, and/or large snacks you had. Add any exercise - light, moderate or heavy. Lastly, set your balance scale. In other words, how balanced your day was. Did you eat enough fiber and drink enough water? Did you eat fruits and vegetables? Did you take your vitamins? Each selection is simply the touch of a button or the swipe of the finger and you done. You can literally fill out your day in less than a minute. The genius is in the simplicity.

The more you use the tool the more you will learn about yourself, which in turn will help you use the tool even better.

The beauty of this tool is that it is so easy and so effective that it won't be something you use for only a week or only a month. It is a tool that is so easy that you can't help but stick to it. It's a tool that the longer you use it, the more exciting it gets. You start to see trends and you learn things about yourself that you never even realized. More importantly, you start to see a better you. Health, wellness, fitness, weight management, etc. is about consistency. Now you have the tool that makes it so easy to be consistent and so easy to achieve your goals.

Health Nut. Health in a Nutshell.

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